Village of Lasimar

Villlage of Lasimar
Thyatian Empire
Celestial Territories
Population: 150 or less
Lasimar is a small village on the province of the Celestial Territories. Is a wooden coast village not even in the maps of the area. Legends told about the area tell of winged spirits that have been seen around these area. The village is located south of the Jungle of the Tiger Men at the end of the Korimizu River and has been attacked many times by monsters. The leader of the village died recently and his son, Pe Pi To, is now in charge. The widower of the last leader is Zhan Ila and she is the de-facto leader.

There are four groups of villagers that live in separated houses upstream along the river bank in family groups of up to 10 people. These are four small farms, that need more drinking water for their crops and animals. Lasimar Rice Hamlet and Lasimar Goat Hamlet are two of these hamlets.

Fisherman use their boats to fish in the areas south of the Celestial Territories. Each month they do at least one trip to Waping Piao to sell the best of their catch and to trade for goods needed on their village.

Known Locations:
Fei Lung‘s hut
Hui Ash’s hut
Village’s Dock
Village Shelter (Big Eating House)
Zhan Ila‘s hut (Elder’s Hut)

The mighty warrior Shan Hou-Yan has travelled to the Village of Lasimar and has lived there possing as a villager Hui Ash. He has been in a competition or game against a Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dragon) that passes as another old villager Fei Lung. They have been fighting each night without any of them winning. The damage to the village has been high.

One of the families that live upstream, on the Lasimar Rice Hamlet, have been killed and turned into Pennaggolan.

A strange raining season of unknown non-natural sources has been reported on the Village of Lasimar. The Waping Piao Military Quarters pays 50gps for information about the event and any information that can be uncover that serves to discover if what is happening is real supernatural danger or a natural event.

Village of Lasimar

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