Village of Kuroiwa

Village of Kuroiwa
Thyatian Empire
Celestial Territories
Mountains of Ice
Population: 150
Kuroiwa is a small village on the province of the Celestial Territories that is not even in the maps of the area. The name means ‘Black Rock’ and is located in the Mountains of Ice near the beggining of the Korimizu River. The village is located on the southwest part of the Mountains of Ice, south of the Korimizu River. They have been attacked many times by monsters. The people of this village work in many crafts from goat herding to mining of metals. They sell metal to the Village of Nimshi, among others, who are excellent crafters and protect their village. Some Rakastas even live here for complete months.

The road that leads to the village climbs a few miles into the mountains. Each mile finds that the road is less wide and has higher rock formations around the river, making the travelers go up hill on dangerous turns the closer they get to the Village. The village entrance is protected by a stone walls of 20 feet of height that covers the road from side to side. The walls were put in place by Frutumal Huntinghawk and Raizak Derek using magic spells.

The Village of Kuroiwa mine small quantities of different minerals from their surrounding mountains, from coal, copper and iron in quantities big enough to trade with the other villages of the Celestial Territories but not to send to the cities. They have a simple small smelter and some people who work making tools and weapons.

The mayority of the people of Kuroiwa live and go out each day to work behind the wood wall but there are about 40-50 people who work outside the wood wall up the mountains or down to the river. The village is inside a series of rock formations with houses of different sizes and shapes on the ground level and up into the rocks accesible by paths. Some of the mines are on the village and others are up the mountains following different paths from the village.

The villager had some mules and carts to move the rocks, and the small smelter to separate the minerals. A mule moves a wheel to make water flow to different areas. They have aound 10 villagers (Warrior:1) that are armed at all times and serve as a local guard or police.

Known Locations:

  • West Wall – This entrance to the village comes from the road west that is near the Korimizu River.
  • Village’s Center – The center of the village is located closer to the West Gate and connects to many important locations.
  • Lady Kitsune’s House – A medium sized house were the elder of the village has the skull of an ogre given to him by the elder of the Village of Nimshi.
  • Priest Huy Otgon‘s House – A medium sized house that serves as both the village’s cleric house and house of contemplation.
  • Common House – The biggest building on the village, used by the workers and villagers to eat two times each day, also for festivals and mettings. When a Military Patrol visits the Village, they stay here.
  • Smelter – A medium sized building, the smelter is used to smelt and separate metals mined.
  • Smith House – A medium sized building, the smith builts everything made of metal the village uses, from tools to weapons.
  • South Mines – The mines located south of the village can be accessed by using the paths inside the village.
  • Lower Cliff – There is a path from the Village’s Center that goes to the South Mines and halfway there is a .flat area enough for a medium size house.
  • Higher Cliff – There is a path that goes up the mountains from inside the village toward the South Mines. Halfway the path there is larger flat area in front of many small mines. The place is enough for a large sized house.
  • East Wall – This entrance is located on the east part of the village and is used to access the roads and paths that go up the dangerous Mountains of Ice.
  • North Mines – The mines located north of the village can be accessed by using the East Wall’s gate.

Some years ago miners uncover a chamber and spirits were seen around the area. The chamber was sealed again. The Band of the Wolf explored the mine and concluded that the mine is filled with ghouls and wights.

Village of Kuroiwa

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