Kingdom of Karameikos

General Overview

Verge is a small village located on the road between Rifllian & Threshold. Originally a sleepy farming community, Verge has more than doubled in size since the arrival of Duke Stefan. Sir Retameron Antonic & his wife, Halia, rule the village and surrounding countryside from their tower on an overlooking hill. Sir Retameron is of mixed parentage and is a great proponent of an integrated Karameikos without distinction of Traladaran or Thyatian. Verge, in fact, is a remarkably diverse community for its size.


Verge’s lone inn, The Boar’s Head, is a comfortable hostel run by a Thyatian named Sebastian Tullus. It is a full service establishment, offering hearty meals and strong drink but does not offer anything extravagant. The rooms are somewhat utilitarian yet well maintained. Private rooms are 1r and the common room is 1c. The inn tends to be full during the winter months as the road between Verge & Threshold is often impassable due to snow.

Special Interest

In the last ten years, Verge has become an important regional community, boasting most of the services that one might find in a much larger town. The village also has a friendly & tolerant atmosphere that is somewhat unique for a smaller community in Karameikos. Travelling adventurers can often endear themselves to the local population, especially Sir Retameron & Halia, by sharing exploits of their travels. Be warned, however, the locals have heard many a tale and are adept at distinguishing fact from fiction.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero