Utter Island

Utter Island
Population: 3,000 (1,600 Albino Humans, 1,200 Makai, 200 Humans, Hins and Elves)
Capital: Gaamo (1,100)
Area: 1,642 square miles
A deliberately creepy place, it is the home of a group of genetic albino humans who have lived here for generations. They are soft spoken, and are used to communicate by uttering their thoughts with low emotional expressions who sometimes look bland to outsiders. Big plantations and fishing are the two mayor sources of income on the island. Second are the visitors who want to visit the “sand castles”.

They have a unique Immortal patron, but are otherwise pretty normal. They developed a religious culture which focuses on the construction of incredible abodes for their Immortal patron. The buildings are made of coral, shells, abode, sand and wood, excellently carved by the locals. The construction of a single building could take years and sometimes decades as they don’t consider them finished and are always improving on the craftmanship.

Their faith commands them to build incessantly; they will possess in death the places they built in life. They also believe that their Immortal will come to them if they can only build him a sufficiently grand home. Not that anyone agrees on his tastes. Given they prefer to work with sand and coral and other things found on beaches, these works only survive because the priests learn spells from their patron which can make them permanent. When asked about the name of their immortal they answer Aga-Lor which translates from their language as The Host.

The Makai call the albino islanders Albarendi and consider them a different race all together. The albino makai don’t care how people call them, and are completely indifferent to been called Makai or Albarendi. The current leader of the Albarendi is Aga-Guru Sorcha. Aga-Guru translates as The Foreman.

Rumor: " On Utter island the people prefer the night. They build strange buildings, some wondrous, others almost painful to look at. The geometry isn’t right, looking into some of them for long enough would drive someone mad… "

Specific Locations:
Dondo Keep
Mount Manga
Mount Redtop
Southpoint Tower
Utter South Plantations


Utter Island

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