Unique Alcoholic Beverages

Unique Alcoholic Beverages
(Source: Arms and Equipment Guide page 30)
Alcohol and Intoxication

Unique Beer, Ale, and Mead
Item Cost per Gallon
Dragonbite bitter 15 gp
Dwarfhead stout 30 gp
Mead, elven 60 gp
Golden light, 10 gp
Thudrud, goblin 2 gp
Pulsch brown ale 8 gp
Unique Wines
Item Cost per Bottle
Frostwine 40 gp
Aleeian wine, 100 gp
Garnet wine, 90 gp
Mushroom 20–135 gp
Spiderblood, 150 gp
Unique Spirits
Item Cost per Bottle
Frenzywater 15 gp
Moondrop, 220 gp
Kragg, orc 30 gp

Unique Alcoholic Beverages
Table 7–7: Goods and Services of the Player’s Handbook gives prices for generic ales and wines. For something a bit more exotic, try these different kinds of alcohol.

Aleeian Wine, Elven: The grapes for this astounding wine are picked from wild vines located deep in the
forest. It takes several months to find enough grapes to create even one batch. (Fortitude save DC 11.)

Dragonbite Bitter: The recipe for this exceptional dark beer is centuries old, and only the Dragonbite Brewery has been able to reproduce it. The Fortitude save to resist intoxication is DC 12.

Dwarfhead Stout: Found almost exclusively in dwarven communities, this powerful brew is a “dayto- day” beer favored by warriors. (Fortitude save DC 13.)

Frenzywater: An extremely potent clear alcohol. Rumors of bottles spontaneously catching fire when exposed to sunlight have never been proven. Anyonewith the rage class ability must make a Will save (DC 15) to resist flying into a rage after drinking a tankard of this liquor. If you have already expended all your rages for the day, then frenzywater has no additional effect other than making you irrit irritable and surly. (Fortitude save DC 15.)

Frostwine: This delicate white wine is created from an exotic blend of grapes that grow only in extreme northerly climes. Frost worms in particular are drawn to the scent of frostwine grapes in bloom, making it dangerous to harvest. (Fortitude save DC 13.)

Garnet Wine, Dwarven: Made from grapes found high in the mountains, this fine, if bold, wine includes at least 10 gp worth of ground of garnet “for flavor.” (Fortitude save DC 13.)

Golden Light, Gnome: A fine, lightweight beerwith flowery accents, this is a favorite trade item with humans and halflings. (Fortitude save DC 11.)

Kragg, Orc: This spirit is popular among orcs and goblins. It is extremely powerful and tastes dreadful to the nongoblinoid palate. Drinking a tankard of this foul brew nauseates anyone who is not an orc, halforc, goblin, or hobgoblin. (Fortitude save DC 14.)

Mead, Elven: Although not normally famed for brewing, elves find exotic honey in their forest homes to create this delightful mead. Even dwarves find its taste appealing—though they are loath to admit it. (Fortitude save DC 12.)

Moondrop, Elven: Exquisite beyond compare, this beverage can be produced only by someone with the Alchemy skill (DC 30). It is made through a bizarre process involving fresh dew and moonlight. (Fortitude save DC 13.)

Mushroom Wine: Created by several different species that live below ground, there are many types of this wine. Prices range widely. (Fortitude save DC 11–12.)

Pulsch Brown Ale: A halfling creation, found among the few permanent halfling settlements that have acquired the taste of ale. It has a pleasant, nutty flavor. (Fortitude save DC 11.)

Spiderblood: A slight misnomer, this mushroom wine crafted by the Shadow Elves includes a substantial dose of venom from poisonous spiders. Its taste is remarkable and unlike anything encountered on the surface world. Anyone not used to drinking this wine (usually a nondrow), must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 11) or be poisoned (primary and secondary damage 1d2 Con), in addition to making the Fortitude save against intoxication (DC 11). Those wishing to overcome this poisonous effect must drink one glass over several hours, every day for three months.

Thudrud, Goblin: Almost universally avoided by nongoblinoid races, thudrud has been described as having the taste and smell of “a rotting cow that caught fire.” It is favored by some barbarians as the drink of choice. (Fortitude save DC 12.)

Unique Alcoholic Beverages

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