Travelling Time

Travelling Time

Marine Terrain & Voyages

Basic Travelling Costs and Time:

  • Cart’s passage is 5 cp per mile. A cart moves at 48 miles/day = 48cp/day = 0.48gps/day.
  • Ship’s passage is 1 sp per mile. A ship moves at 48 miles/day = 48sp/day = 4.8gp/day.

Express Travel:
Spells (Dimensional Door, Message, etc.), Magic Items (Magic Carpet, Boots of Travelling and Jumping, etc.), Creatures (Pegasus, Griffin, Hipogriff, etc).
Cost: 2 sp per mile
Time: half days of travel

Magical Corridor:
Cost: 1 gp per mile
Time: 1 – 3 days of travel

Arms and Equipment Guide (p.64)
Prices for teleportation double if the caster knows he is going into dangerous or hostile territory.
Service Cost
Teleport, one-shot, very familiar area 900 gp
Teleport, one-shot, studied area 1,080 gp
Teleport, one-shot, area seen casually 1,260 gp
Teleport, one-shot, area viewed once 1,440 gp
Teleport, one-shot, description of area only 1,620 gp
Teleport without error 1,820 gp
Teleportation circle, very familiar area 3,060 gp

Previously calculated distances:
Threshold to Specularum = 338 miles. 1 week.
Specularum to Ierendi City = 1344 miles. 28 days.
Ierendi Archipelago Travel

Travelling Time

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero