Tokraka Dungeon Nithian Tomb

Tokraka Dungeon Nithian Tomb
Ierendi Island
Tokraka Dungeon
Located on the third level of the Tokraka Dungeon, this ancient Nithian Empire tomb is filled with mundane and arcane traps.

The thyatian records show that soldiers and miners that tried to explore the area found mummies and an monstrous scarab swarm that re-spawned each day after been destroyed. The clerics of thyatis found that there is a wall on the tomb with a golden scarab that appears to be the magical item who summons the scarabs to protect the tomb. The closer the intruders are to that golden scarab, the faster the re-spawn of the swarm happens.
Better finished walls and floors are in this area. The place was sealed up by the thyatians. The tomb is small and was emptied centuries ago by the Thyatian Empire when they built the mine but a nithian curse still is there that reforms a Monster Scarab Beetle Swarm in 1d4 days.
D&D3 A Fiend Folio 171 Monster Scarab Beetle Swarm Medium Vermin Swarm Any desert and underground 10

The crypt was built to study the ruins in the next level below Tokraka Dungeon Ancients. The mummy left was a wizard who was tasked with the protection of the archeological site from the enemies of the Nithian Empire, the Milenian Empire.

The golden scarab was on a wall at the end of a tunnel and the mummy casted invisibility on it to hide it.


Tokraka Dungeon Nithian Tomb

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