Tokraka Dungeon Ancients

Tokraka Dungeon Ancients
Ierendi Island
Tokraka Dungeon
Located on the Fourth level of the Tokraka Dungeon, this ancient vault belonged to The Titans who were the owners of Mystara during the Titan Age ( see Known Timeline of Mystara ).

There is a fourth level, connected to the Nithian Empire‘s tomb. Thyatian records show that they don’t know about these ruins that are located under the sea level. There are some strange ruins belonging to an unknown ancient civilization of giants there. There is a big throne room with columns. In the upper northeast corner of the room there is a throne with ancient inscriptions and with a colosal skeleton sitting on it. The inscriptions can be used to awaken the colossal skeleton.

" I am the first giant son of the last titan. My name isn’t inscribed on the stone. Your’s can be inscribed on the stone. "

There is also a second skeleton body at this level of the same size in the southwest corner of the big room and there is an exit behind the throne room to other corridors and rooms on the level. The second skeleton is that of a young giant. The room is a “ritual of passage” for youmng giants who pass this ritual to prove themselves worthy of some long forgoten tradition belonging to the Titan Age.

A wall raises and colossal scorpion comes out to fight the Band. They win not before taking heavy damage and expending a lot of resources.

“You are one step closer to beat the ring.” (refering to the continent of Ringet of the home of the Elven Empire.

Tokraka Dungeon Ancients

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