Tokraka Dungeon

The Tokraka Dungeon
Ierendi Island
The Northern Tower
Nicknamed by the locals “The Dark Pit” or “The Black Pit”, is located on the village of Tokraka under the ruined The Northern Tower, this dangerous dungeon has been sealed by the local villagers more than 500 years ago after the revolution against the Thyatian Empire.

From the top of the stairs that come down from The Northern Tower, No one has going down the stairs in all these years.

The place represents the different cultures that have used it from today to the dark past:

First Level The Black Pit of The Tokraka Family
Thyatian records show that this level was built as an access to the mines but is not the main entrance of the mines. This place was the dungeon below the military tower were prisoners were keep and tortured. The place is home to Ghouls, a lot of them. The place is also filled with bones of the victims that The Tokraka Family accumulated in the last 500 years during and after the revolution against the Thyatian Empire.

Second Level The mine of the Thyatian Empire
The main entrance was 50 feet away of the tower toward the mainland and was closed by an Earthquake caused by a Makai cleric that was in the last battle against the thyatians. The mines still show old tools and tracks. It was an iron mine. Bodies or dead slaves can be found their bones piked clean by insects. A trap is located on this area. The entrances will close and the room must be searched to find the trigger. Crushing Room – CR 10; mechanical; location trigger; automatic reset; walls move together (16d6, crush); multiple targets (all targets in a 20-ft.-by-20-ft. room); never miss; onset delay (2 rounds); Search DC 22; Disable Device DC 20. Market Price: 29,000 gp.
Records show that the miners found the access to the Third Level by error. They sealed it with stones.

Third Level Tokraka Dungeon Nithian Tomb
A crypt that belonged to theNithian Empire is in this level.

Fourth Level Tokraka Dungeon Ancients
There is a fourth level, connected to the Nithian Empire’s tomb.

Around the dungeon and dominating it an Abyssal Ghoul was killed by the Band of the Wolf.

Tokraka Dungeon

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