Ierendi Island
Population: 500 + (almost all of them Makai but Elves, Halflings, Dwarves and others are present)
Tokraka is a typical Makai fishing village located on the south west coast of Ierendi Island near Takala Bay. You can arrive to this village via road or boat from Ierendi City. Tokraka is a couples retreat were people can go to enjoy the food, music and paradise beaches. Also to hide from justice…

Everyone is happy on our village, there is no sadness, there is only joy and song.

Toward the center of the village a buffet is served for all the visitors. The village looks like any normal village with wood bridges between the houses in the water and the houses in the land. All building are three stories or less of height except for one that is five stories high. Is a wooden tower in the edge of the town square from the side of the village toward the visitor’s villas. Is called the Music Tower.

Tokraka is another community of Makai pirates. They follow a mix of Makai Shamani and Peoples Temple faiths, with temples to each. Runaway Makai slaves head for here in hopes of joining a Makai pirate crew. If more slaves escaped, this would likely overstretch resources, but as it stands, it helps the town have more pirates. The complete town is controlled by what is secretly known as The Tokraka Family.

Because of the strange mix of laying-low lawbreakers and romantic escaped couples people of Tokraka are the kind of people more in the ways of I saw nothing. For a few coins extra everything stays in a no questions asked level of trust. As long as visitors carry no weapons or armors, dress like tourist and cause no trouble, anyone can stay at Tokraka. If trouble is expected or encounter, then… troublemakers are politely asked to leave and they do. They disappear from the village the next night.

Makai in Tokraka know how to contact the Takala Tritons. They use their fish boats to go near the Takala Reefs and blow shell horns under water until the Tritons show. They do trade with the tritons and even fish with them. Makai Shamani are the ones who prepare the shell horns. The shell horns are sold for 15gps at the Fishermen’s Market.

Specific Locations:
Central Gazebo
Diving Boats
Fishermen’s Market
Makai Shamani Temple
Music Tower
Peoples Temple
Reles Hut
The Northern Tower
Village Kitchens

Visitors Accommodations:
Forest Villas
South Beach Villas
Water Fall Villas

Forest Villas, South Beach Villas, and Water Fall Villas are accommodations for visitors. The quality of the accommodations ( Food, Drink, and Lodging ) on this village varies from Poor to Common . The villas on Tokraka are available in two sizes: couple-sized (2 people) and family-sized (5 people) and a full rate must be paid even when not filled to capacity. All services and normal everyday prices in Tokraka are doubled. A small price to pay for a gate-away paradise were anyone could stay without any questions asked. Local clerics help with their spiritual services, healing and caring for the visitors. Food of good quality is available, as there are liquor in copious quantities, services like tailors and hairdressers, and a lot of places to enjoy the vacation, ponds, fruits parcels, hunting places, fishing spots, diving or just relaxing and enjoying the sun.


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