Thyatian Empire

The Empire of Thyatis
Ruler: Emperor Thincol Torion I
Government: Monarchy
Capital: Thyatis City aka Thaytis aka Thyatinopolis
Languages: Thyatian (official), Elvish ( Clan Vyalia dialect), various local tongues spoken in subject territories
Coinage: Thyatian Standard: emperor (pp), lucin (gp), justiciar (ep), asterius (sp), denarius (cp)
Thyatian Military

Mainland territories on Brun:
Are the smallest of the Empire’s territories by geographic size, but the most heavily populated and developed of them:
County of Actius, City of Biazzan, Island of Borydos, Barony of Buhrohur, Island of Carytion, County of Halathius, County of Hattias, Duchy of Kantrium, Duchy of Kerendas, County of Lucinius, Duchy of Machetos, Duchy of Mositius, Duchy of Retebius, States of Sclaras, Duchy of Tel Akbir, Island of Terentias, Duchy of Thyatis and County of Vyalia.
Territories and Colonies:
Empire’s territories consist of the western half of the Isle of Dawn, the island realms of Ochalea and the Pearl Islands, and the Thyatian Hinterlands on the southern continent of Davania. There are two territories that recently gained barony status: Barony of Koskritos and Barony of Endurium. Other territories are the city of West Portage, County of Kendach, Caerwicca, [GM: Falta Info].

Rumors, Lore and Places of Interest:
Bloodsport is common in Thyatis, and the Gladiatorial Games are a popular spectator event. The Emperor himself is a former gladiator.
The Duchy of Retebius is the headquarters of the Retebius Air Fleet, a branch of the Imperial military that is trained in air combat and equipped with flying mounts.

Long ago, three brother-kings led their tribes from the southern continent, to the continent of Brun. The kings were Thyatis, Kerendas and Hattias, and the cities they built still bear their names.

But in BC 192, the Alphatian Empire came to conquer the Thyatian tribes. The Thyatians fought back admirably, but were worn down eventually by the Alphatian wizards. During that time, the Alphatians taught the tribesmen letters, art, music and even magic. But the Thyatians were seething in their restraints.

In BC 2, an Alphatian-trained Thyatian wizard named Lucinius Trenzantenbium and Thyatian general Zendrolion Tatriokanitas managed to lead a successful revolt against the Alphatian wizards and their armies. Afterward, Zendrolion killed Lucinius, claiming Alphatian magics had driven the wizard mad, and crowned himself Emperor. This is year 0 on the Thyatian calendar.

Throughout the years, Thyatis has sought to expand. This has brought them into conflict with the Emirates of Ylaruam to the north, Ierendi to the west, and the Alphatian Empire on the Isle of Dawn, just to name a few. Currently, the Empire is actively campaigning on the southern continent, slowly conquering the tribes of the Hinterlands.

Notes from the Dungeon Master:
Thyatis is very much like the ancient Roman or Byzantine Empires. There are several kingdoms under its banner, including an oriental setting, barbarians, and the Isle of Dawn territories.

Since citizens of conquered lands are granted rights as full citizens of the Empire, the population is very diversified. The different cultures making up the Empire mix and share ideas freely.

Criminal Organizations:
Iron Ring
The Shadow Hand

For more information see the Dawn of the Emperors boxed set.

Thyatian Combat Prowess

Thyatian Empire

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