The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle

" There is only one side to the circle,
there is only one center to the circle,
all equal, all powerful, all complete,
there is nothing outside of the circle. "

The Secret Circle is a secret organization of spellcasters that is rumored to have control of Ierendi like a power behind the throne, a man behind the curtain or even unknown to even the Ierendi Tribunal.

This rumors have never been confirmed.

Ino Padri tells the Band of the Wolf: " The Secret Circle or The Circle is a secret organization of spellcaster that are the control behind Ierendi. They have magical supremacy and like to keep it that way. They use their power to keep themselves wealthy but also to dig into Ierendi‘s past and discover magical secrets that have lie hiden for thousands of years. The Nithian Empire and older civilizations had an interest in Ierendi for a reason. And that is what The Circle is looking for since the foundation of Ierendi and perhaps earlier than that. Some believe that The Circle is as old as the Nithian’s colony on Ierendi. To be sure that no one interferes with them, they don’t allow knowledge, specially arcane one, to prosper in Ierendi. No libraries, no magical academies, nothing that they cannot control. "

The Secret Circle

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero