The River of Death of Elegy Island

The River of Death of Elegy Island
Elegy Island
" Sail from Nula and follow the coast west toward Nyxs Post, When you can see to the north that the island’s jungle end and the hills start, light the Blood Candle and place it inside the Desecrated Skull of Passage. If the light of the candle changes to dark red light, turn your helm north and go toward the coast at full sail. "

The River of Death of Elegy Island is a sacred (or desecrated) and ancient place of dead. It a mystic path toward the shores of hell, or maybe a tourist attraction for demons and devils…

Undead’s protect the place or are just there to attack everything that lives. The remains of other ships who have tried to conquer the place are on the shores of the cave. The ship used to navigate the river could be of any size and it will enter a mist and then a cave. Gigantic skeletons of ancestral creatures are encrusted in the cave’s walls.

The river ends in an underwater lagoon were debris of other ships are present. The ruins of a temple’s entrance is carved using bones on the wall. There is no visible door.

The lagoon has a small island on the center who is the resting place of the the skeleton of a titan and the skeleton of a dragon.

A colossal zombie of an octopus and colossal skeletons defend the area. Other undeads of different sizes and types are in he bottom of the lagoon and will climb to attack any intruder.

The River of Death of Elegy Island

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