The Nest

The Nest
Kingdom of Karameikos

The Nest is the oldest, narrowest, dirtiest and poorest section of town; the population is mostly Traladaran. Located between the The Temple District and the Old Quarter. There is a wild mixture of residences, businesses and shops. It is home to the city’s criminal underground and to Traladaran resistance. The Veiled Society, the Kingdom of the Thieves and other gangs are the dominant factions. The guardsmen do not venture here when they can avoid it; crime is king. Strangers venturing here will be beset by thieves and robbers, trapped in a labyrinth maze of indistinguishable streets. The Street of Dreams is the prophetic and Magical centre of Specularum; it has the highest concentration of fortune-tellers and freelance magicians

If adventurers need assistance with magical artefacts or require information on spellbooks and the like, they’ll probably find their answer in the Nest. Similarly, the Nest will provide opportunities to exchange some of their more dubious treasures for more usable funds. The district’s residents will often find uses for willing adventurers who can help them with their own schemes, whether they are purely criminal, or are political machinations. The Nest’s taverns, gambling halls, boarding houses and back alleys are rich sources of information for an adventuring party with rumours and clues to all manner of activities in the whole city. Adventurers of the Thief class may find themselves making a mark with one or more local gang. In some cases that relationship may not turn out to be friendly. Specularum’s Nest will provide plenty of adventuring paths.

Specific Location:
Boarding House
Gambling Hall
Tavern in the Nest
The Street of Dreams

The Nest

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