The Kalypso

The Kalypso
The Kalypso is a sailing ship who is known for been the moving shop of the Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic. The Captain Kusteau Seaeyes and his crew of 20 is composed of gnomes sailors (Experts:2). The 30 extra passengers are the families of the crew.

There is a small community of gnome who work as artificers and consulting engineers and live in a ship called The Kalypso. Their guild master and captain is named Kusteau Seaeyes and he and his large group of gnomes live and travel to different ports offering their expertise in sea faring contractions and inventions. They travel from Minrothad Guilds, Ierendi, Kingdom of Karameikos, Thyatian Empire, Ochalea and Isle of Dawn.

Sometimes they stay a large part of a year in Honor Island were they build special machines using specifications ordered by the Cabal of the Volcano for their magical experiments. The wizards of that island in Ierendi have even dedicated a warehouse for the gnomes when they stay on the island.

The Kalypso uses white sails with gears painted in black and a white flag with the same symbol. The figurehead of the ship is a gnome with a hammer in the right hand.

M-Caravel (Sailing Ship)

Captain Kusteau Seaeyes
First Officer

The Kalypso

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