The Journal of a White Walker

The Journal of a White Walker
( This log is kept in secret by Daero of Alfmyr )
[GM Note: This information is secret. Players can read it but their characters will only know what the owner of the documents tells them. Each entry that is tied up to an adventure on the Adventure Log could be 25xp for the character]

La Iniciación ( The Highforge Market )

Mientras que todos se entretuvieron visitando tiendas y barras; decidí ir a buscar a Vaaron Goldchain, quien fue arrestado por formar parte de los Iron Rings, para ver qué podía hacer para entrar a esta organización. Busqué y busqué, pero no lo encontré… Me senté en una mesa a las afueras de The Silent Arp cuando de repente se sentó en mi mesa Mr. Goldchain. Disimuladamente le dije el porqué lo estaba buscando y este me dijo que me fuera a donde me estaba quedado que me iba a contactar.

Las horas pasaban y ni mi hermano aparecía por The Highforge Hostelry cuando de repente la mesera me trae una jarra vacía con un papel. Cuando miré el papel tenía escrito un nombre, Leica Woodsplinter, no sabía quién era, pero sí sabía lo que tenía que hacer. Esperé a la noche para tener más ventaja al escapar, tan pronto salió de su tienda la asesiné…

It wasn’t like I though

It starts pretty good. They recruited me because of my stealthy skills. Right away we arrived at Ierendi when I took Raizak to the Iron Ring because of his interests in slaves Redwig offer me a job, I need to bring him some sheath that he pays for it but never got it. It was an honor that he trusts me, yo know he was the boss. Unfortunately, Dio was the person in possession of this sheath. I was surprised, I never had seen this item before, “when did he got it?” I thought. I didn’t want to steal from a member of the band, but I didn’t have a choice. When I bring the sheath to Redwig he was satisfied and offer me another job, find a music box. I started to look everywhere but no one knew about it, then I received an ultimatum because I didn’t get the item fast enough. At that moment I was really scared, I decided to talk to my brother to let him know that if I did not get the item I could die. Then Maiavel said to me that Dio have a box like the one I was talking about… “What are the chances that Dio have this item too?” I though… Again I stole him the box without leaving traces. When I got to Redwig I tried to negotiate with him that I will do whatever he wants me to do except to betray another member of the band. Then he said that he will kill every member of the band that knew about the toys… I choose the band and barely got away through the window to alert them what would happen. Then I decided to go back and recover at least the box because I knew where it was stored. We survived few attacks of the Iron Ring and manage to know where Redwig planned to use the toys. We tried our best to protect every member of the tribunal but some of them died. I bluff to one member and maneuver to go to the meeting point. There he was, I have this motherfucker in front of me like I wanted. When I was going to act 2 beholders appears, then a lighting bolt that kill Redwig… I didn’t have the chance to kill him but I swear I will kill every member that knows who I am. The Iron Ring wasn’t like I though. They never help me… After that I will make my own guild.

The Journal of a White Walker

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