The Great Port

The Great Port
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Great Port of Ierendi City is located on the east part of the city. Is so big that is divided into three parts using using walls that separate them. A big wall also protects the bay from attackers and is prepared to raise spikes from the bottom of the bay to stop ships from entering.

Military Harbor
The Military Harbor is reserved for ships belonging to the Ierendi Royal Navy.
Ierendi Naval Academy
Ierendi Naval Quarters

Main Harbor
Visiting and local ships dock here, is also the location of the Ship Yard. The main harbor connects to the following locations:
All Night Long
Holiday Resort
Mage Marine
Ierendi Ship Yard
The Serpents Eye
Water Edge Marine
Whispering Palms Resort

The Main Gate of The Great Port is protected with a mechanism who can be raised and lowered to damage enemy ships that are trying to enter. The mechanism is called the Breakwater and once activated does 1d00 + 100 hit points of damage to a ship trying to cross the mechanism spikes.


Resort Harbor
High paying tourist visitors and nobility can dock in this harbor reserved for the high paying. The resort harbor connects to:
Adventurers Club Headquarters
Peoples Temple
Sanctuary of The Eternal Truth
The Wave Resort

The Great Port

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