The Elvenguard

The Elvenguard
Kingdom of Karameikos
Karameikos Army

The 2nd Division of the Karameikos Army consists of The Elvenguard and the Duke’s Guard, which are garrisoned at The Dukes Stronghold. The Elvenguard is charged with maintaining order in The Dukes Park and the forested areas in and around Specularum, as well as keeping order within the forests around Kelvin whenever the Clan Callari elves need help. The Duke’s Guard is a standing force, which protects the Duke’s Stronghold in times of assault; it assists the Guard Phorsis in times of trouble. From its ranks are drawn the Duke’s personal bodyguards. The seneschal of the Ducal Estate, Lord Gisial Honorbound and his second in command Alexius Korrigan (NG hm F8) acts as general for the 2nd Division. (Elvenguard: 100 F3 or F2/M2 soldiers, 10 F6 or F5/M5 lieutenants, commanded by Captain Alainiir Truesight (NG em F8/M9). Duke’s Guard: 220 F3 soldiers, 11 F4 sergeants, 11 F6 lieutenants, commanded by Captain Sergei Nikelnevich (LN hm F12).

When Duke Stefan Karameikos arrived to the Kingdom of Karameikos he had many people against him. The leaders of Clan Callari were wise and saw that Stefan was a good person, and a more nobler leader than his predecesors from the Thyatian Empire. They made a deal of honor with the Duke to provide the Elvenguard as a protection in exchange for fair treatment to the elves in Karameikos. He agreed and the Elvenguard was born.

Helethil Bluebelleyes discovered that two elves named Carrienna Brightflame and Kenalas Silverstreak who posed as adventurers from the Kingdom of Alfheim were in reality members of The Elvenguard working in a secret mission on Threshold.

The Elvenguard

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