The Cursed Wraiths of The Crowe

The Cursed Wraiths of The Crowe
The Crowe

There is a curse on The Crowe and its crew. They are Wraiths that can pose as living and like wraiths they lose their undead powers on sunlight. As a standard action and once for round they can switch from incorporeal to corporeal.

The curse affects the ship also. The ship has 30 hull sections and one is automatically destroyed if a crew member dies. This also works the other way around. One crew member dies for each hull section destroyed on battle.

" One hundred years ago we awaked. The ship was damaged and we were wounded too. It was in the middle of a storm and the damage done to the ship was reflected as wounds on us. We acted by instinct keeping the ship afloat and fixing everything we can. When the storm passed and we recovered debris from the sea including the body of a man with the ring you have now on his finger. It was near Elegy Island. "

They can’t remember their names, origins, or past. They use names like: Gringo, Half-Ear, Hook, One-Eye, Other-Leg, Rice-Rice, Roster, Scar, Tattoos, Tiznao, and Woody.

The Ring of the Captain is an old golden ring with the Makai inscriptions for LIFE and DEATH. A place for a big gem is broken and no gem is there. A sword hit the ring and broke it.

The wraiths have stated the following rules:

1. Only one living person can be The Captain of The Crowe. The person must have The Ring of The Crowe on his hand at all times. The Ring can only be removed by the Wraiths.
2. The roll of The Captain can is to care for the ship and the crew, provide supplies to keep the ship in the best condition possible and to provide passengers for the crew to eat.
3. Three people have to be given to the Wraiths as food each month. Feeding has always to be completed on the 28 of each month with the full moon.
4. Only The Captain can come and go as he desires but he has always to come back to the ship before the feeding day or he will be feed unto remotely, after his demise, The Ring disappearing from his hand and teleportation back to the ship.

5. After the Wraiths consumed the former Captain Hector Rushblood and gave Dio Stoutspark the Ring they took the rest of Band of the Wolf are hostage of the Wraiths until they fulfill their promise of freeing them of the curse.

Carrasco Corpse speaks: " The Curse is a Ring around the Ship, and only the Death Kahuna can see it. " The Band of the Wolf are able to lift the curse destroying both parts of the Captain’s Ring in the presence of Death Kahuna and the ship sinks. See more information on The River of Death Part II.

The Cursed Wraiths of The Crowe

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