The Crowe

The Crowe
The Crowe is an Ierendi sailing ship who is known for doing shady business in both Minrothad Guilds and Ierendi.

The owner is Captain Hector Rushblood and his crew is mostly composed of human (Fighter:2/Expert:3) sailors who are currently loyal to him but their loyalties could shift with enough gold in the balance. The ship’s crew is very strange refusing to leave ship when on port and been very protective of their ship.

The Crowe has black sails, uses a white flag with a black crow and has a figurehead in the form of a flying crow. The ship appears to have been repaired and re-paired, mended a thousand times in his many years with parts of other ships scavenged and used as spare parts even to repair whole sections of the ship.

Inside the captain’s quarters of the ship there is an inscription that reads:
" Of the darkest night
the veil of the MOON
will reveal its nature. "

The carved word moon is broken but still readable.

The Band of the Wolf investigated the ship and discovered information about other names used by the ship’s crew like “The Frenchman” and “The Sea Predator”. The captain before Rushblood was an old man named Captain Lacroix who had the bad luck of been the captain for about 40 years. Rushblood was captain for 8 years.

Read more information on The Cursed Wraiths of The Crowe!!! The Band of the Wolf are able to lift the curse and the ship sinks.


The Crowe

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