The Crone

The Crone
The Corne is an Ierendi sailing ship who is known for doing shady business including piracy in Minrothad Guilds, Alphatian Empire, Thyatian Empire and Ierendi. The owner is Captain Goldo Blacksoul and his crew of 20 is mostly composed of halflings, dwarves and goblin sailors (Fighter:1/Rogue:1). The 30 extra marines are mercenaries that serve as troops.

The Crone front has a figurehead of a Hag painted in green and blue. It has green sails and a black flag with a white woman head on it.

M-Caravel (Sailing Ship)

First Officer Flint Stormcock (dwarf male Fighter/Rogue)
Second Officer Hish The Stabber (goblin female Rogue/Assasin)
Navigator Monica Blowsong (halfling Sorcerer)

The Band of the Wolf as passengers of The Crowe decimated the crew of The Crone who were trying to pillage their ship. Heavy damage was done to The Crone and it was left sinking and on fire.

The Crone

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