The Celebration of the Sea

The Celebration of the Sea

“ Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy! The King and Queen of Ierendi invite all citizens and visitors to the magnificent Celebration of the Sea. Taste the best wines of the known world and enjoy the best food that the archipelago has to offer. Music to delight the senses. Dance until the next day! Enjoy the Festival of the Sea! A full week of festivities await all. Loshdain and Soladain are special days with continue activities sponsored by the Ierendi Tribunal. The bards contest! “

The Celebration of the Sea is an annual event featuring lots of fun for both locals and visitors of Ierendi, and serves as a reminder of how important the sea and its sailors are to Ierendi‘s history, economy and people. This major event was originally celebrated on villages in the coast of the islands and is focused mainly on water sports, accompanied by various cultural activities, music, dancing and fun. In present day the biggest celebration is done in Ierendi City specially in the sector known as Ierendi City Northshore. The King and Queen are part of the celebration and members of the Ierendi Tribunal had to serve as judges for the variety of competitions. The best marine food dishes are sold on the streets as part of the events and the best wines are imported for consumption during the twp day party that closes the celebration.

The following are part of the events on the Celebration of the Sea:
Boat Regatta
Swimming Contest
Parade of Sea Monsters
Bard Competition

The Celebration of the Sea

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