The Catalysts

Prestige Classes of the Mysteries of Magic of Mystara Étira

The masters of Magic
“Mana flows, life follows.”

The masters of magic study it like a manipulable force of quantitative energy that can be measure and even seen by their trained eye. They see magic as the source of life y existence. Magic is directly connected to the forces of that shape the universe. For this kind of manipulation they open “conducts” to those objects, creatures and people that are containers of magic. This conducts have a range of 60’and must be on the line of sight of the catalyst.
In the Principalities of Glantry, this catalysts are the priests of the wizards. They give counsel and help guide the arcane paths of other wizards and sorcerers.
The “magic element” or “pure magic” is also known by the names of Almin, Rad, mana or simply Life to the Catalysts.

Hit Dice: d4

To qualify to become a catalyst a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Skill Name : Knowledge (Arcana): 8 ranks, Spellcraft 6 ranks, Knowledge (Religion): 4 Ranks.
Feat: N/A
Spells: Detect Magic, Analyze Device.
Special: N/A

Class Skills
The catalyst’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are: Alchemy(Int), Concentration(con), Knowledge(Arcana) (Int), Scry(Int), Spellcraft(Int). Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Diplomacy (Cha).
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int Modifier.

Class Features
All the following are class features of the catalyst prestige class.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Catalyst gains no special weapon or armor proficiency.
Spells per Day: The Alchemist gains extra spells per level as her previous class.

Circles of the Catalyst: All circles are used with the Spellcraft skill.

First Circle
‘Open Conduit’: As an standard action that does provoke an AoO the catalyst focus his special magical senses over a person or object up to 60 feet away. The catalyst can then make a Spellcraft check of 10 + 1 per level of the higher spell on the artifact or person. If succeeds, the catalysts can identify the object like the Identify spell only that it takes half the time.
If the catalyst wants he can use this power as a sensing device gaining the ability to detect magic as the spell but all the information is gained in just one standard action instead of three rounds. The rest of the effect is the same as the spell. This is a supernatural ability.

Second Circle
‘Grant Mana’: The catalyst can move his magic or that of a willing donor to another magician or magic item effectivelly recharging his spell slots expended. This is a standard action that does provoke an AoO. The catalyst can recharge slots not move spells. The catalyst can manage the same amount of slots as he has spell per day. There is no maximum amount of lots that he can manage in a single combat round. He cannot grant more slots that there were originally on the subject. The slots are “granted” as the same spell they have in them before been used. The when learning the spells, spell slots of higher level that substitute a lower level still have to be granted at higher level. The same applies to spells learned with a metamagics, they have to use the higher slot modified by the metamagic.
A charge for a magic item costs as the slot of the same level as the spell.
Recharging a person of a use of a circle of mystery has the cost of a slot as follows:
Circle Spell Slot Equivalent
1st 3rd Level Spell
2nd 4th Level Spell
3rd 5th Level Spell
4th 6th Level Spell
5th 9th Level Spell
This is a supernatural ability.

Third Circle
‘Absorb Mana’: This is the ability to absorb the magic from an unwilling spellcaster or magical item. The catalyst, as an attack action concentrates his manipulation powers on his targets and began absorbing spell slots from the spells per day allowance of the target. This attack provokes an AoO. The catalyst must make a Spellcaster check per combat round modified by the level of the spell he wants to absorb. Each time he absorbs a spell slots, he losses the same spell slot from his list of spells per day. He cannot absorb slots if he doesn’t have slots available. This power lasts one combat round per level of the class plus one combat round per intelligence bonus. When the attack ends the catalyst can pass the slots absorbed to another spellcaster using the GrantMana power or the slots will simply vanish as is they were expended. This is a supernatural ability.

Fourth Circle

‘Mana Control’: As a free action that does provoke an AoO the catalyst takes control over a magical item in such a way that the item will activate and use one of his abilities as desired by the catalyst. The catalyst must make a Spellcaster check of 10 + the level of the spell of the power. If he succeeds the power is under his control for three combat rounds. This works even if the magic item is been worn by another character. The catalyst can choose to deactivate the use of that power of the item or to change the effect, target etc. The catalyst must know the magic item first usually through the use of the Open Conduct power.

This ability can also be used as a couterspelling or to change an attribute of an spell in mid casting without the caster of the spell knowing. In that case the check is a spellcaster check against the caster of the spell. This is a supernatural ability.

Fifth Circle
‘Mana Capacity’: The catalyst can use this powers as a full round action that provokes an AoO to raise another’s spellcasters magic capacity. When doing so the spell per day of the spellcaster raise as if he were of higher level. His spell effect count as the new effective level as do the level related stats like range, area of effect, duration and damage.
To grant this bonuses the catalyst must expended one slot per spell level per spellcaster level that he wants to raise. This is a supernatural ability that has a effect duration of 1 minute per total spellcaster level of the catalyst.

Prestige Class created by the Master of the Game for Games & Ideas in 2005.05.03 in honor of the Old D&D and our 19 years of campaign.

The Catalysts

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