The Black Woods

The Black Woods
Kingdom of Karameikos

The Black Woods are a forest west of Threshold and this area is feared by the locals as many accounts of disappearances have occurred. The Thyatians blame the many bands of semihumans, the more fearless locals blame dire wolves, the others blame dark forces.

The north area, near the Black Peak Mountains, is a place were to a special kind of tree known as the Firewood for the red leaves of the tree. These trees are used by artisans of Threshold to craft music boxes and other small, delicate objects. The Firewood area is also the location of a small hermit built by followers of Petra more than 150 years ago. The hermit is abandoned. A Griffin’s nest has been near this location for many years so people avoid the ruins.

The south area is home to a large group of Dire Wolves. Other creatures that have been spotted on that area are Dire Bears, Ogres, Displacer Beasts and Owlbears.

Tribes of orcs, goblins, bigbears and other creatures are known to roam the area. Also some undeads like Wights and skeletons. Also other monsters like Owlbears, Giant Owls and Displacer Beasts.

Rumors are that Bargle’s “secret army”; his mercenaries, disguised as trees, dwelt in “The Black Woods” west of Threshold when he was there years ago.

The Black Woods

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