The Big Gear Market

The Great Gear Market
Safari Island
Sindaba Tower
“Everything an adventurer needs for the right price.”

The Big Gear Market is a place full of stores, crafters and other goods and services that provides adventurer equipment for visitors that want to enjoy the safaris.

Prices for weapons, armors and normal gear ( Weapons and Equipment ) are 150% the normal market price for items but everything can be found, crafted in half time or brought to the island from Ierendi Island if needed.

The small city of Sindaba Tower makes a steady trade in monster parts to visiting merchants. Value of Creatures Parts.
A Medusa’s Tear, a Wyvern’s Stinger, an Owlbear’s Beak, a piece of a Gelatinous Cube, a Skull from a Zombie, the pelt of a displacer beast, a housecat’s paw, the feather of a Pegasus (or a Hippogriff) and the flame of a creature native to the elemental plane of fire. Ask for it and we will find it!

Adventurers bring lots of wealth here.

The Big Gear Market

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