Takala Tritons

Takala Tritons
Takala Reefs
The Takala Reefs are home to the underwater Takala Tritons. From time to time they attack passerby ships and steal their treasures. The leader of this tritons is called King Fryeden. Their city is called Takala. The complete population of Takala is around the 5,000 tritons.

Tritons distrust surfacers. Takala Tritons see themselves as proud warriors who rejoice in their physical victories and attributes. They prefer to be fighters and rangers and a few of them are rogues and clerics. Tritons speak Aquan and Common. They see Aleea Merfolks as a race of lazy uptight intellectuals. Their homes are carved on coral and stone and connected to sunken ships. They organize their dwellings as an underwater fort with patrols. Tritons fishermen haul their catch into the city using large nets and carts pulled by Hippocampus. They summon medium-sized water elementals to help them do menial work and also for battle. They can also summon Huge Sharks, Huge Sea Snakes or Sea Cats. Surfacers will still have a – 4 penalty on Diplomacy checks with Tritons. Ways to diminish these penalty is to win their confidence. Some examples are: To give them a weapon or tool made of silver, gold or platinum (value 350 to 500gps), to impress them with an underwater physical or combat related feat.

Takala Tritons have fast Hippocampi that can move 60ft covering the distances in half the time. With haste in a quarter of the time. Moving to Aleea Reefs takes 12 hours at that rate.

Tritons originate from the Elemental Plane of Water, but have migrated to the Material Plane for some unknown purpose. They are sea dwellers, preferring warm waters but able to tolerate colder depths. A triton is about the same size and weight as a human and has silvery skin that fades into silver-blue scales on the lower half of its body. A triton’s hair is deep blue or blue-green.

The Tritons of Takala have not been allies of the surface dwellers, they have tolerated them and even trade with them. The Makai in special had legends of individual Tritons doing battle to makai heroes or been allies to makai chieftains. In every occasion a sense of purpose, a mutual ground or mutual respect need to be found between surface and underwater dwellers for them to achieve an understanding.

The Tritons had their share of wars in the past: One against the Aleea Merfolks and another against the Sahuagin. These wars go un-notice by the surface dwellers unless they ask for help. They are proud people and they don’t usually do that.

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Tritons form communities, either in great undersea castles built of rock, coral and other natural materials or in finely-sculpted caverns. A hunter-gatherer people, tritons take from the sea’s vast bounty only what they need to survive. Tritons had good relations with giant Sea Horses , hippocampi, and sea lions, such that these creatures would hark to a summons by the sounding of a conch shell horn.

They are naturally suspicious of surface dwellers and prefer not to deal with them if possible. However, tritons deal harshly with beings who intentionally invade their communities, capturing the intruders and setting them adrift without any possessions at least 10 mi (16 km) from any shoreline, left “to the mercy of the sea.” Tritons are the natural enemy of the cruel and evil Sahuagin. The two cannot coexist peacefully: wars between them are prolonged, bloody affairs that sometimes interfere with shipping and maritime trade.

The reclusive tritons prefer to avoid combat, but they fiercely defend their homes. They attack with either melee or ranged weapons as the circumstances warrant. When encountered outside their lair, they are 90% likely to be mounted on friendly sea creatures such as porpoises. In times of peace they have 5 bands active. In times of war they active a total of 10 bands.
Their military organization is in groups or units like: Company (2-5), squad (10 with a 3rd level lieutenant), or band (80 with 4 3rd level lieutenants and 2 5th level captains and 10 hippocampi).


Takala Tritons

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