Sulescu Hamlets

Sulescu Hamlets
Kingdom of Karameikos

The Sulescu area, including the woods are home, to a number of small hamlets and farmsteads that have no around 20 to 50 people each, usually related to the same small number of families. They all go to Sulescu‘s market, depend on Sulescu’s City Guard for protection and pay taxes to Baron Zemiros Sulescu.

Samples of some of these places are:

  • Abigail Farmstead (sheepers)
  • Greendog Hamlet (the place were wolfsbane is cultivated)
  • Green Goblin (pig farm)
  • Hamlet of Barnutiu (home to some families of woodsmen like Yuri Barnutiu)
  • Hamlet of Cassidor (a hamlet now in ruins)
  • Michelov Rest
  • Mouth Cloud (the place were Garlic is cultivated)
  • Spider Month (hunters and trappers)
  • Treant Pillow
  • Trucu Farmstead (sheepers)
  • Yayo Farmstead (sheepers)
  • Valeria Farmstead (pig farm)
  • Veliana Farmstead (sheepers)

The Sulescu Hamlets had reported lights and sounds coming from the woods at night. It was a Hill Giant The giant was stealing the sheep in his big sack. Solved by the Band of the Wolf on the adventure The Path of Giants.

A new Werewolf attack decimated the Abigail Farmstead and is stopped by the Band of the Wolf, Kithkany Hunters and a mysterios armored Warrior with a Silver Sword. Silver Sword vs Wolfsbane Mace

Sulescu Hamlets

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