Kingdom of Karameikos

Population: ~1,000 people (99% human).
Leader: Baron Zemiros Sulescu , Castellan Vasil Andriev, Sir Marcus Parathetos, Captain Evram Andriev.
City Guard: 50-100 ( Typical Human City Guard )

Sulescu is a small town on the south coast of the Kingdom of Karameikos. It’s main industry is fishing, although it also acts as a market town for the hamlets and farmsteads in the surrounding area. In a more settled area, it would probably just be a village, but here it is surrounded with a strong wall because of the denizens of the surrounding forests. This portion of Karameikos is effectively cut off from the rest by land by the woods, so the only safe form of transport to and from Specularum is by ship, making Sulescu an important link with the rest of the Kingdom for the locals. An old road connects Sulescu to Specularum passing through Marilenev but is rarely used by locals of neither region.

As well as the normal goblins, the forests of southern Karameikos are reputed to harbour were-wolves – men that can shift to the form of wolves and back again.

Those who make their living in the forests are a hard and dour breed – suspicious of strangers and travellers. It is rare to find a doorway that is not hung with bunches of wolfsbane and cloves of garlic as a ward against the creatures of the night. From the sea comes peril as well, for the slavers and pirates of the Sea of Dread prey upon this coast, and the fleets of the King of Ierendi are as much a threat as a protection. Sulescu is well situated though, being hidden from the sea by the steep hills that form the valley of the River Tanister. The town itself lies on a small pool that has formed where a small stream, the Suleser Brook, enters the main flow of the river, providing a safe and secure anchorage for boats and small ships, hidden from prying eyes. And secure anchorages are rare on this coast of high cliffs and sharp reefs.

Sulescu itself is cosmopolitan by the standards of southern Karameikos, but a backwater by comparison with Specularum. The town and environs are the fief and holding of Baron Zemiros Sulescu , who has a castle in the town ( Castle Sulescu ), and another one ( his primary residence, Sulescu Manor ) a day’s travel or so further up the Tanister.

The town is walled with low walls, mainly to keep out raiders rather than a determined siege, and had three gates – the Seagate, the Westgate and the Castlegate. The gates are closed at nightfall, and do not re-open until dawn. The battlements, rather than being open to the elements, are covered with a wooden, roofed gallery, and the towers are also roofed with tall conical roofs. If it were not for this, no-one would dare patrol the walls during the hours of darkness.

Inside the city: Castle Sulescu. Sulescu Church of Traladara, Regan Wools, Sadu Sea Gate, Tynhus Building, Antonescu Street. Sulescu Gypsy Camp

Inns & Taverns: The Golden Ship, The Dolphin, The Woolpack.

Outside of the City: Ruins of The Temple of Shandar, Greystaff Tower, Sulescu Hamlets , Sulescu Manor

The main regular entertainment in Sulescu is the “Monthly Fair”, on the tenth day after the new moon, when the local farmers and peasants bring their wares and livestock into Sulescu to buy and sell. The fair is normally entertainment enough, with tinkers and entertainers from all parts, but is also, since time immemorial, the occasion for combats in the tilting ground, in the south-west corner of the town. Originally this was trial by combat, with each month’s cases being saved until market day, and this is still one form of entertainment, but it has now been supplemented with professional fighters, competing with each other for prize money, or against all comers for a fee. Combat starts at mid-day, but the banks and the stand by The Golden Ship tavern start to fill up by mid-morning.

None in addition to the King’s Law. However, there seems to be some sort of voluntary curfew in effect – at dusk, the welcome mats are rolled up, and people not back at the inn are shut out until dawn.


  • There is a 100gps reward for the capture of Geakirsh the local goblin chieftain.
  • There is a standing 50gps reward for the killing of any werewolf, given that proff be presented to the City Guard.
  • Local government believe that there is conspiration against the Baron.
  • There are rumors that a crazy Cleric of Apollo ( Church of Thyatis ) is on the lose around Sulescu and wants to kill the Baron.



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