Styvros Mercantile Exchange

Styvros Mercantile Exchange
Ierendi Island
Ierendi City
The Styvros Mercantile Exchange is located on Ierendi City Southshore, is a warehouse for storing goods used by merchants, pirates and local criminals.

It houses stolen goods, murdered bodies, and kidnapped victims for a dozen infamous criminals. The five large barrels nearest the secret hatch into the dungeon are sealed with wax to hide the stench of the corpses within.

The owner, Mrs Lundira Styvros lives in a small house in Ambassadors Quarters.

Prices for Services
Store Stolen Goods = 10%
Store Corpse = 100 gp
Store Kidnap Victim = 100 gp / week
Provide Hideout = 100 gp / week

Styvros Mercantile Exchange

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