(Capital City of the former Grand Duchy of Karameikos, also known with its Traladaran name Mirros )
Kingdom of Karameikos

Who Rules: King Stefan Karameikos the Third, who received his Duchy from the Thyatian Emperor in AC 970, and along with his allies have worked tirelessly to make this fledgling nation a strong one, despite the tensions between the native Traladaran populace and the Thyatian nobility that accompanied him here.

Who Really Rules: Duke Stefan Karameikos. He is a stern yet fair man, speaking bluntly and candidly, and only showing his gentle side to family and close personal friends. His one flaw is that he doesn’t understand how to deal with those who operate from a standpoint of evil or maliciousness. His cousin Ludwig Von Hendriks, the self-styled Black Eagle Baron, is a perfect example of this flaw. He hesitates to make a concrete decision against his oppression of the former people of Halag because he does not understand his cousin’s reasons behind it.

Population: At the last census, the population was estimated at 50,000. However, that census was taken 15 years ago; the best estimate of the population is approximately 64,000.

Major Products: Wood, livestock, fish, hides and furs (both common and rare), metals, weapons, tools, armour, horses.

Important Features in Town:
Specularum is the capital city of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, named by Duke Stefan Karameikos III when he traded away his ancestral lands in Thyatis for lands in the Traladaran region, and a guarantee of autonomy. So, in AC 970, he arrived and renamed the city of Marilenev to Specularum.

Specularum is like almost any other large city; crowded, smelly and dirty, with mostly earthen streets, quite narrow, twisting, unlit and often unsafe. Sanitation is usually a small trench cut in the middle of street. Buildings are usually made of brick or wood, with few being made of fired brick or stone.

The people here, of Traladaran and Thyatian descent alike, are proud of the community that has been made here. The two peoples still view each other with some distrust and suspicion; most likely due to the constant jockeying for political position by both the Thyatian and Traladaran nobility, but they are slowly learning to get along.

Districts: Duke Stronghold, Brichtop District, Foreign Quarter, Merchant District, North End, Old Quarter, South End, Stronghold District, The Hill District, The Nest, The Temple District, Traders Corridor.

Religion: Church of Karameikos, Church of Thyatis, Church of Traladara

Taverns and Inns: The Black-Heart Lily, The Gorgeous Giant, The Besieged Dungeon

Guilds: Kingdom of the Thieves, The Veiled Society, Iron Ring

Local Lore:

  • The ruins of the ancient city of Krakatos, several miles northeast of Specularum, are almost always infested with evil humanoids of all types.
  • Admiral Lucius Hyraksos is looking for stalwart warriors to command a ship to sail into the Gulf of Halag and prey upon Black Eagle pirates near Hagar, which have been raiding Kingdom of Karameikos merchant vessels.
  • Lord Alexius Korrigan is looking for adventurers to map unexplored wilderness for the ducal cartographer.



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