Sindaba Tower

Sindaba Tower
Safari Island
Sindaba Tower with a population of 4000 is the center of activity on Safari Island and is also the center of tourism and the place were visitors must report when they arrive. Even when ships disembark in Kobos, visitors have to move to Sindaba. Disembarking in any other shore or village is regulated for the visitor’s security. The place is also armed with siege weapons both for sea faring attacks and for land attacks.

The villages of Calatupos, Kobos and Pupami are mostly full of services for the visitors but Sindaba Tower is the center of government on the Island, a strong fortified town with a connected keep (which was once just a tower to hide from monsters in, long ago). The place is a fortified structure with a wall made of stone to protect from the creatures of the island.

The townsfolk are pretty tough from having to periodical fend off monster assaults; everyone is required to serve in the militia from 18 to 22. The place has a strong military presence with the local Ierendi Royal Guard unit composed of 200 soldiers.

Safaris are organized to the different spots on the island like the one involving Lizard Men and the other Hill Giants.

Specific Locations:
Sindaba Manor
Ierendi Royal Guard Barracks
Gastenoo Adventure Park
Peoples Temple
Pomponius Cuisine
Shambella Safari Island
Tana Nightwing’s mansion
The Big Gear Market

The quality of the Inn varies from Poor to Common to Good
Food, Drink, and Lodging

Sindaba Tower

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