Shima Rebellion

Shima Rebellion
The Shima Rebellion is a secret political and military movement that is present in all the provinces of Ochalea. The movement wants to separate Ochalea from the Thyatian Empire and win their independence as a nation. The rebellion has been growing every year.

This started as a small secret movement that wants to separate Ochalea from the Thyatian Empire. They have more activity on the Provinces of Chi, Daisun, Cao, Kiang and Shou. They always escape toward the Province of the Celestial Territories. This people are called the Shima Rebellion or The Defiance.

The government and military of the Thyatian Empire and the Archiduchy of Ochalea haven’t accepted that there is a rebellion on Ochalea. General Kanaga Shigetsuna had gotten some legislation help from the Thyatian Senate do do a hunt of the insidius rebells. He believes the rebels are hiding in the Celestial Territories and has make arrests on the area around Waping Piao. He also arrested the crew of The Walrus and confiscated ship and cargo under charges of smuggling weapons.

Information discovered by the Band of the Wolf:


Shima Rebellion

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