Shar-Pei Mercenaries

Shar-Pei Mercenaries
The Shar-Pei Lupins are well known in Ochalea, and even in the mainland and territories of the Thyatian Empire, for the quality of their martial training. They provide several units of heavy infantry to the Ochalean and imperial armies, but many veterans also work in mercenary units, usually clan-based. The four largest clans are the Zhang, Lang, Gou, and Kuang.

Zhang Clan Mercenaries
The Zhang clan is probably the largest, and operates mostly within the province of Ta’ang, though it is sometimes employed in Yuen or Sung. Zhang captains employ Houndling scouts and sometimes even Crested Wizards to support their units.

Gou Clan Mercenaries
A smaller but successful clan, the Gou operates in the Celestial Domains and the neighbouring provinces. It specializes in containing large undead threats, such as the dead warriors of Wang. To this end, it includes an higher than usual number of shamans and priests.

Lang Clan Mercenaries
The Lang is especially warlike, and is known to be devoted to Shi Jielang almost as much as to Shi Doushang. This clan operates prevalently in the central regions, Cao, Chung, and Kiang. It works with Chow-Chow auxiliaries (scouts and archers), and is though to include a Wolvenfolk bloodline of powerful necromancers.

Kuang Clan Merceanries
The Kuang clan is reputed to produce the fiercest warriors. It roams between Chi, Daisun and Shun, offering its services to the highest bidder. Chi authorities suspect that rogue Kuang units are also responsible for some acts of banditry on the Chi-Bohan border. Kuang maintains a blood feud with the Ogre Magi Kingfisher Clan.

Shar-Pei Mercenaries

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