Safari Island

Safari Island
Population: 40,000 people (3,000 Hin, 22,000 Humans, 5,000 Elves)
Capital: Sindaba Tower (4000)
Area: 3,360 square miles
A nature preserve, wilderness tour and theme park. The parks offer arenas for adventurers- with spectators able to observe through well-protected galleries. An island ideal for big game hunting. Mundane and magical creatures may be hunted here if you have a licence from the Ierendi Government. Safari Island Costs.

The island is surrounded by Sharks and Dire Sharks and is home to the dangerous Kenshar , the exotic Cockractile and the dangerous beast known as the Razor Boar , among others.

Specific Locations:
Sindaba Tower
Cliffs of Para
Crater Marsh
Gastenoo Adventure Park
Kuali Swamp
Lair of the Lizard Lords
Mount Boanga
Mount Burunda
North Lighthouse
North Tower
Shambella Safari Island
Tikka Mountains
Wautili River
Bongo Bay


Safari Island

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero