Roister Island
The small city of Ronowac with a population of 1000, export odd plants and fruits via boat to the other islands specially Ierendi Island. The local Makai often wear special protecting clothes similar to bee keepers’, whenever they enter the swampy areas where Mau-mau mosquito strive. There, they harvest odd plants and fruits and take them back to Ronowac.

A long totem in the shore tells the legend about the Ocean Giant Ucacias who did battle with and army of tritons. Ucacias is presented as a half-giant half-whale monster.

Ronowac and other small coastal towns are home to pirate bands and trader ships which are supported by the slave labor and by selling needed goods to the dwarves. Prone to flooding, homes here are built on stilts with netting covering the windows to keep out annoying insects. Indeed, a visitor, having climbed a ladder or gone up a ramp can use the aerial streets (wooden mostly) to go around the town without ever touching the ground.

The quality of the Inn is: Common
Food, Drink, and Lodging



D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero