Roister Island

Roister Island
Population: 5,000 people (300 Hin, 4,300 Humans (Makai and Slaves), 400 Dwarves)
Capital: Ronowac (1000)
Area: 322 square miles
This island is home to a number of unique plants, fruits and gigantic insects. An island settled by the Makai natives. The coasts here are plagued by gigantic sea monsters the lands have dangerous Cockatrices . This island is also home to an underground race of Lizardmen who have been living in some ruins for many years. The Makai said that those are Nithian Empire Ruins.

Roister Island is home to Makai who have adapted to Pirate Culture and to their slaves and a small dwarven colony. The slaves dredge their swamps and build islands on which cash crops are grown to buy food (The dwarves dig up gold and gems to buy food.). Insects are especially bad here and many natives and slaves wear outfits similar to beekeeper uniforms if they have to go far from the coast. Some also raise bees for the honey. Swordfish and marlin can be fish on the areas around the island.

The name comes for the swaggering, boisterous, or uproarious attitude of the makai natives of this island: “His very roistering became a pose, and his vanity made him roister the more, to make the pose more convincing.” They like to revel noisily and without restraint.

Specific Locations:
Mount Ronowac
Pestilence Swamp


Roister Island

D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero