Kingdom of Karameikos

General Overview

Rifllian is a small Elven village of nearly 200 inhabitants on the western bank of the Windrush River. The village is an outpost for the Callarii Elves and serves as a trading post for those wishing to do business with the Callarii, or simply as a stopping place for travellers.


The only inn in Rifllian to cater to non-Elves is The Silver Swan. Run by a personable Hin by the name of Stubbs Plattermann, The Silver Swan is very clean & homey and is patronised by local Elves as well as passing traders. Stubbs prides himself on the range of his menu and meals are available throughout the day. The rooms are all private & cosy and run 12c per night.

Special Interest

Rifllian is the only location for outsiders to safely make unsolicited contact with the Callarii. The Elves of the village are all accustomed to dealing with strangers and are kindly disposed toward humans. Also of note is the Elves fondness for horses. A horse-trader with fine mounts can expect to receive a warm welcome in the area. Any transaction larger than 500r, however, must be handled through Prestelle, the towne-master. Prestelle has a well-deserved reputation for driving a hard-bargain yet she is said to always be fair.


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