Renns School of the Blade

Renn’s School of the Blade
Kingdom of Karameikos
Located on the South End of the city of Specularum, this establishment has gained a reputation from the Northern Reaches to the Five Shires as the premier place for weapons and combat training. The fees are quite high, but those warriors that have trained there swear by the techniques that they have learned, stating many a time that what they learned has saved their lives. Renn’s School of the Blade is a complete training facility for the warrior who wants (and can afford) the best training his money can buy.

Grand Master Renn Kratos, his wife High Mistress Alicia Kratos and their retinue of teachers (5 fighters:7) and masters (3 fighters:10th) charge a very high price for their training, but it is worth it. Characters that train there complete their training in half the time it usually takes. Add to this a series of facilities like:

  • A small yet complete hospital next to the complex a small chapel of the Church of Karameikos cared by Priestess Lady Tia (Lawful halfling Paladin:12), 3 clerics:5 and 10 doctors and nurses.
  • A weapons smithy, Mastersmith Ral (Neutral dwarf Fighter:10) and his smiths and apprentices Sharran (Neutral Human Expert:3) and William (Lawful human Expert:3).

The school provides teachings in other skills like, Appraisal, Diplomacy, Craft, Knowledge, Read and Write.

Renns School of the Blade

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