Red Coral Forest

Red Coral Forest
Red Corral Forrest is a an area of giant corals on Ierendi Archipelago located deep underwater between the Takala Reefs and the Aleea Reefs. These coral reefs are full of kelp of different colors, the kelp beds are home to a rich array of life. Kelp offers protection for prey, a hiding place for predators, and a substrate upon which smaller creatures can grow. The kelp forest is also a magnificent place to dive fishing.

Large fish can be found around the reefs, like Shark , Dire Shark , Octopus , Giant Octopus , Squid , Giant Squid , Whale and Manta Ray .

The area is also home to at least one small tribe of Nixies who do tricks on both the Aleea Merfolks and the Takala Tritons and are very good at hiding. Viyna and Viyno are two of these tricksters.

Some locations of importance on the Coral Forest are the Tortle Hermit Hut and the Ruins on Red Coral Forest.


Red Coral Forest

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