Safari Island
The village of Pupami is mostly full of services for the visitors of Safari Island. Local people are hired in the safari and provide the different goods for the visitors like accommodation and food. Pupami is the average makai village with a population of about 1,000 that is protected by a wooden wall and a tower guard of 50 soldiers with one light ballista. Restaurants with local cuisine and resorts for the visitors stay are available at Pupami. Visitors are sometimes overwhelm by the natives selling locally crafted jewelry, clothes, animals, flowers, beverage and fruits.

Arriving to Pupami can be done using the Wautili River or by land. Pupami is also the village closed to the Tikka Mountains and the Kuali Swamp both places were dangerous monsters live.

Specific Locations:
Ierendi Royal Guard Tower
Village Port
Visitor’s Villas

The quality of the Inn is: Common
Food, Drink, and Lodging


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero