Kingdom of Karameikos

General overview

Penhaligon is a fortified town half-way between Kelvin & the border pass leading to Darokin. Penhaligon Village acts as a way-station for folk travelling to & from Selenica. It suffers its share of non-human attacks, but trade & travel revenues are brisk. Lady Arteris Penhaligon has ruled the area since her father’s death in AC 996.


Like Kelvin, Penhaligon is situated on the Duke’s Road, benefiting greatly from the travel in & out of Darokin. Whilst not as large & prestigious as its neighbour to the south, Penhaligon does manage to maintain something of a haven for the weary traveller. Three representative lodgings are House of the Three Suns, The Adler, & Malakov’s Inn.

The House of the Three Suns is owned by Sir Barton Midvale, a retired Knight. It is named after Sir Barton’s knightly order. More of a guest-house than a traditional inn, three rooms of this elegant manor are available. Each room is spacious & luxuriant with a rate of 3r per night. Breakfast is included, but no other meals are served. Vacancies are unpredictable.

The Adler is a boisterous establishment located in the heart of Penhaligon. Run by Hans Kurtzweg, a Heldann immigrant, the Adler is a popular destination for adventurers and other travellers seeking a “memorable experience”. When things get too far out of hand, Hans and his staff are well equipped to handle any rowdiness. A hearty menu is served during daylight hours whilst the strong, yet palatable, beverages are served anytime. Individual rooms are 1r, whilst the common room is 2k. Vacancies for private rooms are seasonal while there is always at least a bunk or two available in the common room.

Malakov’s Inn is located several miles north of Penhaligon on the Duke’s Road. This quaint stopover, run by Vlad & Simona Malakov, provides an alternative to staying in one of the larger population centres. One of the very special highlights of this charming pension is the outstanding traditional-Traladaran menu. Meals are included in the 8c rate. Vacancies are strictly seasonal.

Special Interest

With its location on the Duke’s Road and its proximity to the Wulfholde Hills, Penhaligon is full of opportunity for the travelling sell-sword or wandering mage. Lady Ateris regularly employs free-lance adventurers to help keep the peace in the area and has a reputation for reasonable pay & decent treatment.


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