Churches, Underground, Criminal, Knight Orders and Political Organizations of the Known World of Mystara:

Criminal Organizations:
Blackscar Guild – (disbanded)
The Cat Guild
Clan Sheeastas – (disbanded)
Iron Ring – (crippled)
Kingdom of the Thieves
The Tokraka Family
The Veiled Society
Tomb Raiders – (crippled)

Knightly Orders:
Adventurers Club Headquarters
Dragon Riders
Griffin Knights

Religious Organizations:
Church of Alphatia
Church of Karameikos
Church of Thothia
Church of Traladara
Church of Thyatis
Peoples Temple AKA the Church of Ierendi
Makai Shamani
The Eternal Truth

Secret Organizations:
ELIA – Ejercito LiberaciĆ³n Isla del Atardecer
Order of the Rose
The Secret Circle
The Underground Trail

Other Organizations:
Arcane Order
Mobile Menagerie of Mighty Marvels
Related to the Mysteries of Magic:
…. The Catalysts
…. Corridor Masters
…. The Enforcers
Supreme Symposium of Gnomish Syndicates
…. Gnome Artificers of the Guild Aquatic

[GM: More organizations will be added as we travel from country to country.]


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero