Order of the Shadow Court

Order of the Shadow Court
Total Membership 2.000
Priests of Nyx 400
Priests of Thanatos 100
Priests of Masauwu 200
Priests of Alphaks 200
Priests of Jammudaru 100
Philosophers of Chaos 50
Pantheists 950
The Shadow Court mirrors the Heavenly Court in the Ochalean pantheon. It is composed by Immortals associated with Entropy, though they are much more subtle in their activities here than in most other nations. However, the Order of the Shadow Court is definitely malignant, even though it presents a more or less neutral fa├žade in the towns. Its wilderness branches, the Demon Cults, are often more overtly evil.

Core Immortals

Nyx is the pantheon leader for this cult; Thanatos, Masauwu, Alphaks and Jammudaru are her main ministers; a plethora of other Immortals serve in minor roles.


The Shadow Court is followed mostly by the city underworld – but also, less overtly, by many citizen, often rich or powerful, who try to keep the evil Immortals at bay by paying some respect to them. Also, more aggressive branches – the so-called Demon Cults – are found in the wilderness.

Major Temples

A Shadow Court temple is present in every major city. There is word of a great complex somewhere in the jungles of southern Ochalea where the Demon Cult trains its adepts in odd martial and magical traditions, handed down by the ancient Alphatian Followers of Fire and even darker sects.

Some members of the Shadow Court priesthood double as spies, assassins or thieves, though others act as legitimate merchants or even work for the government or the military.

Classes and Alignments

Specialty Priests of any Entropic Immortal, Chaotic Philosophers and Pantheists are all accepted. Only non-Good priests would join this cult.

Order of the Shadow Court

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