Old Quarter

Old Quarter
Kingdom of Karameikos

South of the Merchant District and north of South End on the city of Specularum. In the Old Quarter adventurers will find the greatest source of magic-related businesses, especially along the Street of Dreams that bisects the district. There are, of course, plenty of other businesses run by proud Traladaran shopkeepers and craftsmen. Grocers and leather sellers, two of the older trade guilds are well represented by long established Traladaran family concerns.

Food, drink and accommodation can be found at the many and varied inns, taverns and boarding house. Things may be a bit more cramped than other parts of the city, but you pays your money… and if you’re lucky what’s left will still be in your keeping when you wake up.

Specific Locations:
Monastery of Traldar
Specularum School of Magic
Magicians Guild Hall

Old Quarter

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