Old Mill

Old Mill
Kingdom of Karameikos
“Giant insects have been stealing animals and food from nearby places, it must be time to clean the old mill.”

On the north end of Fogot Isle is the Old Mill, which was more or less destroyed by fire 15 years ago. The blackened ruins remain and have never been knocked down. The ruin is home to numerous giant insects and has to be cleaned out periodically.

A group of adventurers known as the Band of the Wolf recently cleaned the place of a nest of giant ants. The nearby residents were grateful and stopped calling them “the tainted ones”.

Aranhil Thunderseeker studies the government archives and found out that the mill used to belong to Beniamin Zugravescu‘s father but was confiscated by the government after he failed to pay the taxes. The place was then appraised as a 10,000gps property (including property, machinery and building). "Good Riddance, I don’t have the money to rebuild it, I don’t want it!." – was found on a letter wrote by the old man as part of the government records. The last appraisal of the property put it in 5,000gps and was made less than 5 years ago.

Old Mill

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