Elegy Island
Nula is a fortified fishing town and haven for necromancers and Death Kahuna which sits at the tag end of a short peninsula jutting out into the ocean. About 1,000 people live in Nula. Most of the natives are Makai who work as pirates or fishermen to support the Death Kahuna and necromancers whose job it is to appease the dead. This, along with Roister Island, is one of the major havens for those Makai who are not slaves. The Ierendi government helps to fund the town so as to allow the Kahuna and necromancers to focus on the rites and raids which keep the dead in check. The name of the city, Nula, comes from a priestesses who cursed a pirate to eternal life as a corpse.

The entrance of the port has a long sing in makai that reads: “Death is just the beginning.”

The mansion of the Death Kahuna is a large makai structure in the edge of the town.

The quality of the Inn is: Poor
Food, Drink, and Lodging



D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero