North End

North End
Kingdom of Karameikos

Specularum, the North End’ western half is a mostly residential section of town; many people who work as servants within the city or as seasonal labourers in the surrounding Estate of Marilenev live here. Many active adventurers also settle here, due to its proximity to the Merchant District, the Foreign Quarter, the Docks, and a number of taverns and inns. The eastern half of the district includes the seafarers’ quarter, housing sailors, shipwrights and carpenters among others.It is also the location of the Karameikan Naval Shipbuilders. The North End has a mixed population, with many New Karameikans and Thyatians; a rough but straightforward people, epitomizing the New Karameikan spirit. The Guildhalls located in this district reflect the area’s commerce – blacksmiths, carpenters, loggers, mariners, fishmongers, and inn holders. This area of town benefits through the wide range of goods and supplies that can be obtained in the Lesser Merchant District – adventurers can be sure of finding all necessary equipment somewhere.

The many inns and taverns of the district, including Desmond’s Dive, The Gored Ox, the Hart and Harrow, and the The Black-Heart Lily, are places where adventurers may be hored for a variety of quests, or give the adventurers the opportunity to hire retainers to assist them.

Specific Location:
Desmond’s Dive
Karameikos Naval Shipbuilders
Lesser Merchant District
The Black-Heart Lily
The Gored Ox
The Guildhalls
The Hart and Harrow

North End

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