Nithian Empire

Nithian Empire
The Rise of Nithia, Middle Bronze to Middle Iron Ages (BC 2000 – BC 1701).

The Nithian Empire was a vast and powerful nation that existed in the Known World more than 2000 years ago. They were centered on the area known today as Emirates of Ylaruam but covered areas as far as Republic of Darokin, Isle of Dawn and Ierendi, to name a few.

It is the year 500 BC. The Nithian Empire, having incurred Immortal dislike, abruptly ends; the Immortals alter the climate, divert the headwaters of the River Nithia, promote social unrest, deny magical powers to their clerics, and take other actions which cause the Empire to collapse catastrophically. The Immortals use magic to ensure that almost all trace of the Empire is wiped from the face of the Known World. The colonies are systematically destroyed – except for Kingdom of Thothia , which has already turned away from the Entropic Faith which led to the destruction of Nithia.

“The commoner among the Nithians wears a simple loin cloth or a sleeveless linen dress if female. Some unfortunate slaves wear nothing at all but a belt. The upper classes, including the priests, wear more or less the same garments, just with better fabric and brighter colours. They also wear an immense amount of gold and jewellery, of which the Nithians have managed to create various interesting specimens. I have acquired one of their bracelets, which I think I shall keep.”

“The Pharaoh of the Nithians is always a cleric, and is considered by the people to be an actual Immortal avatar of the Immortal in question.


Nithian Empire

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