A large band of mercenary goblins currently in the service of the Black Eagle, the Nightseeker are led by Nyark the Sly (Goblin 12/ Shaman 3), a powerful warrior and a follower of the Immortal Nyx (known to these goblinoids as the Night Mother).
While the cult of Nyx is dominant, goblin wardog handlers worship Wogar, the traditional goblin Immortal.

Training and handling of dogs, both for war and hunt, is the clan specialty, and the Nightseekers are employed to track and capture escaped slaves by the Black Eagle Baron.
Contrary to popular belief, these goblins do not ride their war dogs, which are strong, but not nearly as large as the dire wolves raised by the Kloss-Lunk and other wolfriding tribes.

The Nightseeker are unique among goblinoid bands in that they use no symbol or battle standard – possibly because these would be useless during the night, which these goblinoid favour.

The Nightseekers ride both Dire Bats and Giant Spiders.


D&D 3.0: Tales from Mystara Galero