Mystic Way of the Eight Immortals

Mystic Way of the Eight Immortals
Total Membership 4.500
Specialist Priests 900
Fighting Monks 2.100
Pantheists 800
Shamans 400
Philosophers of Neutrality 300
The Eight Immortals are a powerful symbol of balance in all things. They have been chosen as models by groups of mystics and priests who believe that Immortality is within the reach of the man (or lupin) who cultivates all aspects of his character. By studying ``inner magic’’ (a form of mystical/religious discipline linked closely to the martial arts of Baxianquan), the mystic can reach Immortality. This ``inner magic’’ is seen as opposed to the outer (or lesser) magic of the Alphatians, which is on the other hand considered a false path leading to a stifling of inner growth.

Core Immortals

The Eight Immortals are Valerias, Ixion, Zirchev, Khoronus, Tiresias, Ssu-Ma, Faunus and Protius. They represents the various states of being: feminine and masculine (Valerias and Ixion), youth and old age (Tiresias and Khoronous), nature and civilization (Zirchev and Ssu-Ma), virtue and vice (Protius and Faunus).


This ``modern’’ faith is popular throughout northern Ochalea, less so in the southern reaches. Members include priests of the individual members of the Eight Immortals, as well as pantheists and ancestor worshippers. Some scholars devoted to the Prefect of Time or the inventor of writing are also present.

Major Temples

The center of this order is found in a group of monasteries clinging to the cliffs of the Five Peaks (Wushan) overlooking the Strait of Furmenglaive. Other monasteries are scattered in the northern provinces.


These mystics often conduct a cloistered life, though some may act as advisors or even alchemists or scientists for noble houses – much like wizards in other lands – or be wanderers or hermits. Eight Immortals monasteries tend to be smaller than those of other faiths, sometimes housing only an hermit and his apprentices.

Classes and Alignments

Shamans, Specialty Priests of any of the Eight Immortals, Philosophers of Neutrality and Pantheists are all accepted. The faith itself is strongly oriented towards the True Neutral alignment, but all priests except Fighting Monks can also be of any non-extreme alignment.

Mystic Way of the Eight Immortals

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